Sunday, May 28, 2006

Smokers Controversy

First of all I don’t consider myself a “smoker” anymore. I used to hand roll up to 50 or 60 cigarettes a day and enjoyed every one of them. The only reason I quit was that it was starting to interfere with my job so much that I couldn’t get any work done. I first noticed this when I was sitting in a little back room one day surrounded by paperwork everywhere, plus an ashtray with a burning cigarette in it. Dumb idea, don’t you think? Then I started haunting the staff room every half hour or so just to have a smoke and eventually even moved in there with all my files which I then had to move around or clean up and clear out whenever someone wanted to come in for a coffee. Just another idea that wouldn’t work.

Quitting was actually easier than I thought it would be. I went to the local clinic and asked about the patch, which at that time was too expensive for my liking. Something cheaper perhaps? How about Nicorette? It only took half a pack during which time I discovered something else. You get a tremendous rush if you smoke and chew Nicorette at the same time. Yeah, I know, another dumb idea but the bottom line is that I am no longer a full time smoker but will confess to the occasional cigar or pipe full maybe once or twice a month.

Anyway, my opinion is that there is nothing wrong with designated smoking areas, restaurants, bars, bingo halls or whatever. The people patronizing these locations know going in that smoking is allowed so they have absolutely no right to complain about the atmosphere once they get in there. If they don’t like it then they can go to a location where smoking is not allowed. Same thing with bar workers and such being exposed to second hand smoke. Again, they know when they apply for and accept the job that it is a smoking establishment so can just keep their complaints for the person that has caused their problem. Themselves!

By the way… the day I retire and get away from the paperwork and whiners is the day I start smoking again. Is smoking good for me? Of course not, but it’s my right as long as I don’t force anyone else to inhale my problem. I promise not to smoke in your non-smoking home or establishment because that would just be bad manners and ignorant. On the other hand don’t expect me to butt out when you come over to visit. You’re responsible enough to know what you’re doing to yourself when you go to a smoker friendly location anywhere, so take some responsibility and don’t you dare blame your own actions on someone else.

Feel free to comment or add your own rave to this. I enjoy a good argument and don’t always win but it’s fun anyway. Oh… almost forgot… some may argue that smokers should be healthier than non-smokers because they get more fresh air standing around outside buildings! :-)