Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm not ignoring you...

I've just been too busy to stop and think up anything to post here.

Anyway, I'm pushing to get caught up this week on all my odd jobs and hope to get back to normal next week so I can go sit and relax for a few hours.

Meet you on the bench? We can just relax for a while, watch the world go by and grow old content and happy. Wow... wouldn't that be great?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog...

It seems to me that this type of online diary is completely contrary to my nature. I like my privacy and expect it to be respected as I will respect others.

Having said that, why do I make these entries sharing my thoughts? If I believed that “therapy” sessions did anyone any good then maybe this is my personal form of it. Of course if you ask me… “therapy” and all such other nonsense does nothing more than reinforce the weakness of a person by telling them that all will be better in the morning. Heck people… if you have a problem step up to the line and deal with it. YOU are the one that has to work out and correct whatever it is messing up your head so just go ahead and do it without indulging your faltering confidence by running for a shoulder to cry on. If you go to a professional remember that their bottom line goal in life is to make money, and if it's to a friend... why oh why would you want to dump your problems on them if you are a friend yourself? They probably have enough worries of their own without being expected to solve your problems too.

(For the record I have not and will never be in “therapy” nor do I know anyone who has been involved with this… or at least no one who has ever admitted it to me. I guess they know they wouldn’t get much sympathy from my direction. )

Back to topic… There are still lots of tidbits and ideas floating around my head that are no one else’s business and will stay locked up there forever. (Darn… might have made a good book too.) Other thoughts that prior to my starting this blog would have been difficult to mention now flow easier to an anonymous audience. The downside is that if I sometimes spoke out when I shouldn’t have before then it’s much worse now. Just ask my wife!

Oh well... live, learn and evolve, for better or worse, right?

(P.S.: The comments, observations and rants in this blog are most definitely not endorsed, accepted or condoned by management. But she still loves me... I think. Oh dear... maybe I need to check with my support group on that?)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It isn’t about selling…

… well, maybe for me as an anti-social character it is. I’ve been set up at the Manitoulin Flee Market for several weeks now and have made a few observations. These seem to indicate that a very large number of visitors are not there to buy, but just to visit and get caught up on events. Apparently the weekly market rounds make up a very important part of their social life and it almost makes sense to me.

If I’m not at the market I’m sitting in front of my computer (probably on Facebook) and pretending to myself that I am doing something worthwhile. After all, Farm Town teaches me valuable lessons about crop rotation and animal husbandry. Fish Wrangler allows me to interact with my other crew members and seek out new and different undersea creatures. Nations teaches me the hows and whys of making proper political decisions. Poker teaches me logic and when to fold and run. Bingo teaches me patience and Twitter keeps me in touch with current events. Who am I kidding… I’m just playing around!

On the other hand the market has taught me communications skills, polished my sales pitch and taught me to listen to people (customers) and help them choose the right product for themselves. Selling isn’t about making a buck, it’s about helping people by allowing them to obtain products that are actually of use to them. If I sell them crap they won’t come back, right? By selling them a quality product that they actually need and at a fair price I have created a loyal customer who thinks of me and keeps coming back when they need something.

Hmmm… sounds corny but I’ve been selling one product or another for over 40 years… and it’s still fun!