Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm confused, again...

I have very few people that I follow on YouTube but one of them is Donald Trump. I really enjoy his books and even used to watch “The Apprentice” and probably still would if it wasn’t so-called celebrities now instead of somewhat normal people.

Anyway, he was complaining because China has just put something like a 22% tariff on cars made in the USA and he feels this is wrong. I don’t agree with it either but isn’t this pretty much the same thing that the US is doing with its “Buy American” policy? Aren’t we all just trying to discourage or block people from buying products from another country? Free trade my butt….

Don’t get me wrong… I agree that you should support your own Community-Area-Province-Country first, but at some price point or other we all say forget it. I try to support Manitoulin first but primarily I just go by what it’s going to cost me… but some people really take this stuff seriously. I personally feel that the reason that so many of our products come from other countries is because of the power that unions have here. Without them our costs would be dramatically lower than they are now and we would ALL be able to “Buy Canadian” only instead of importing the cheap, lead filled, toxic and uncontrolled products from other parts of the world. It’s great to “Buy Local” but compare the costs and it changes everything.