Monday, April 05, 2010

I Wish I Had Time To Read...

It seems the only time I read anymore is while I'm at the garage with one vehicle or the other, although this will change with the replacement of the Jeep. (blog entry and photo to follow soon) There I sit waiting patiently for the mechanic of the day to finish up so I can be on my way again a few dollars poorer.

It's not like I have full time work keeping me away from the books either. I "retired" quite some time ago but still can't settle into what I imagined retirement life would be like.

Am I not supposed to be sitting in the sun with a novel in my lap, sipping Planter's Punch while investigating how many hours I can make a good Cuban cigar last?

Instead I find myself up and making the morning coffee anywhere from 6:00 to 7:00, checking emails over the first cup, updating my websites and Facebook farms. I learned quickly that there are so many games... sorry, I mean "educational tools" on Facebook that you can easily fill up a 30 hour day just keeping up with only a few of them. Now I try to restrict myself to a couple farms and a restaurant that is probably going to get dropped any day now.

Somewhere in between crop rotations I squeeze in at least a couple hours for my Summit Group home business. This latter is something I really enjoy as I get to help people become financially independent and I wish someone had told me about it years ago.

If you enjoy working for someone else keep on... if you want to set your own hours, determine your own salary and have the time and freedom to do the things you really want to do then head over to my web site and we'll get you started. See you there!