Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Ain't 1969

I suppose every generation needs their Woodstock but…

Woodstock was an event that was highly organized and the people who attended had received full permission of the owner of the property to congregate, celebrate and generally have a good time.

These days it seems it’s OK to just squat wherever you like and be damned with everyone else. City parks are established and maintained for the enjoyment of the citizens who (if you want argue the point) are now being deprived of their rights by a small group of anarchists who are looking to inconvenience as many people as possible in order to attract attention to themselves.

Has the banking system gotten out of hand? Yes, of course it has. Being able to give out multiple loans on money they don’t have just puts everything into a spiral that goes only one way… down. Add to that the compound interest on the interest on the interest on the interest and so on that has to be paid in larger and larger amounts has only one end… world wide financial disaster… and it’s coming. We will all be caught up in it. There will be no safe haven for our nest eggs and inflation will destroy the value of our cash no matter if we have it in our mattress or local bank vault.

Anyway, I believe the problem with recent public events is that the authorities have allowed it to get out of hand from day one. Yes, people have the right to lawful assembly but I’ve yet to see a public park that didn’t have signs posted stating “No Overnight Camping” or something to the effect. These people are nothing but squatters and should have been treated as such from the get go.

Sigh… I guess you know where I stand on all this and by the way… I assume these people have all chipped in to rent “Go-Huts” right?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bebamikawe Memorial Trail

I’ve spent some time recently checking out the new Bebamikawe Memorial Trails in Wikwemikong. The first excursion was on the longer 4.4km “Red” trail and it made for great outing. It’s a bit slippery and steep in places but the view from the top made it worthwhile.

The shorter 1.35km “Blue” trail is more my style as it is level and better marked. It meanders down to the lake and back and has various forms of exercise equipment along the route. I found the walking enough of a workout for me however and I’ll leave the fancy stuff to the younger and hardier.

My home is near the trails so we’ll watch for you headed past on the way to the trailhead. Let me know what you think of the set-up.