Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 27... it's coming!

Well we’re on the way home. It’s been a good trip all around except for problems mentioned previously and for the most part they had workable fixes. There was snow on the ground this morning but the sky was mostly clear. Beware Manitoulin, the white stuff is on the way!

It's just me, I guess...

I've decided that I have a problem. I go to work on time, I stay the hours I'm expected to (and usually several more), I do the best I am able to while I'm there, and even after I do go home I think and worry about little things that happened or what I didn't get completed that day. I do this a minimum of 6 days a week.

Apparently there is something wrong with me as many of the people I work with seem to truly believe it is OK to wander in a half hour or more late, work for 10 minutes, take a half hour break, work for an hour, take an hour and a half or more for lunch and then pepper the afternoon with 6 or 7 smoke breaks in between serving the customers that pay all our salaries.

I should also mention that it is apparently perfectly all right to step on bags of potato chips and other items that have fallen on the floor. It seems that instead of picking things up it is better to just kick them aside. Hmmm... I know what I'd like to kick, and not in the side either.

If anyone out there can direct me to a physician who can cure me of my serious problem of having a conscience, loyalty with a touch of dedication thrown in I would be most grateful.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 21, 2007...

We’re coming down to the end of another one here in Weagamow Lake. This is Day 27 of this trip and I’m due to head back home on the 27th via Muskrat Dam, Sachigo Lake, Sioux Lookout, Thunder Bay, Toronto and Sudbury. It’s been a quiet little trip compared to some and it’s a great setting with the house and store semi-hiding among the trees. We’re located right on the shore with a sand beach and a great view of sunsets in the west when the weather is clear. There have been a few flakes of snow in the air during the past week in between the rain showers and it’s forecast again for Monday and Tuesday. I hope it’s enough to make people think of winter because I’ve got 4 snowmobiles sitting outside just waiting for customers to get the urge.

Store problems have been limited to people not showing up on time, or at all. Just par for the course and I’ve had to hire and fire two since I’ve been here. I’ve got another new hire now who started Friday and seems to be working out well. Saturday was a busy day with the child tax cheques hitting hard and she handled customers well while keeping her cash balanced nicely. I may add one more this week to help out with the grocery side as the grocery manager, will be taking a few days off to go hunting. Haven’t seen any geese or eagles around, just a few ravens and a little dog that comes begging around the door when I come home at night. He’s a friendly little beast and I’ve been giving him a few scraps as he lets me know when someone is around at night. No problems with anything like that yet though, just the opposite of my last location where I just about went a full month with only a few hours sleep at night.

So here are a couple photos of the location and there are more posted on my Flickr site. Check them out and let me know what you think.