Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Entertain Me!

What gives people these days the idea that the world is obligated to provide them with entertainment 24 hours a day? Not only provide it, but also tailor it to exactly the way they want it!

What do I mean? Try asking the average person these days to sit for more than a minute without music playing or having the TV on. First thing you know they start talking about how quiet and boring it is. And people don’t seem to start out that way at all. Watch any small child playing for great lengths of time with only a toy car or doll. They don’t need headphones and videos to be happy.

Why then when individuals reach a certain age do they suddenly require artificial sounds bombarding them constantly? Are they not capable of holding an inner dialogue or contemplation of events and plans? Hey, let’s exercise our thought process a little bit people. It’s going to deteriorate fast enough on it’s own through the aging process, don’t encourage it through lack of use as well.

(Looks like I'm getting more cynical and negative every day. I promise to work on that. Anyway, the above is just my own little “inner dialogue” for the day. Please feel free to comment either way. If you feel I’m wrong don’t be afraid to say so but… haven’t you noticed the shift to this “Entertain Me” society as well?)