Sunday, December 20, 2009

I admire you…

…who can blog each day. Oh I could easily write regularly but I think it would just be rambling, most of it negative (I call it reality) and I’m sure you don’t want to hear about it. However… since it’s been so long since I’ve posted you’ll just have to take what you get this time.

Have you ever noticed that you’ll find some of the worst car parkers in downtown Manitowaning? I’ve driven in places that have some crazy drivers…Toronto (get out of my way, I’m special), Montreal (Red lights? Hah! Pedestrians? Hah! Laws? Hah!), Saskatoon (very narrow streets with most of the signs hidden), Sudbury (What speed limit?), Sherbrooke (Montreal is just a bunch of pussies!). Anyway, parking… I’ve noticed it many times and just the other day four out of five cars at the Post Office were parked illegally… two facing the wrong way, one in the handicapped zone, one beside the fire hydrant with its butt sticking out into the side street. In front of the grocery store? Two out of four illegal… one beside the fire hydrant and one on the sidewalk. Ahh… what do I know.

Oh, and just to mention Sudbury again… I’ve decided never to go there again if I don’t really have to unless I can be absolutely certain that the painted lady from Canada’s Worst Driver has moved far, far away.

Everyone has been screaming about some adopted Canadian citizen who is sitting in a foreign jail. What’s the problem? If someone from the other side of the world committed a crime here would we not expect them to be subject to our laws? What’s the difference?

Now on a positive note… the sky is clear, no snow to shovel for several days now and Gloria made a big batch of butter tarts today… life is good.