Saturday, October 30, 2004

Wikwemkong Monster?

When questioning people about Manitoulin UFO's for my other posting I did find a couple people that said there used to be a "monster" in Wikwemikong Bay. Similar to the "Loch Ness" monster in appearance it apparently has not been seen in many years and rumor has it that bad luck happens to those who have seen it.

I know that the old legend says that the beaver originated in this bay and that the species spread out all over the world from here.

How about it... have YOU or anyone you know seen anything in the Wiky Bay?

Manitoulin UFO's ???

I did some exploring and found a number of references on the internet to UFO's over Manitoulin. One of these sightings apparently took place in Wikwemikong but when I mentioned this to a number of Wikwemikong people no one had ever heard of them. Anyway.... Manitoulin UFO's... hoax or legend? How about adding your comments? Have YOU seen a UFO... anywhere, anytime?

Friday, September 03, 2004

Rainbow Country

Just to date myself... the first time I heard of Manitoulin Island was on the old TV show, Rainbow Country. Remember that? It was on CBC and filmed on and around the island. I actually became good friends with one of the stars later on while working for the Hudson's Bay Company up at Mistassini Lake, Quebec. Buckley Petawabano was his name and he also starred in a CBC movie called "Cold Journey" as well as in many other presentations. Anyone else remember this show?

Manitoulin Island

We recently moved to Manitoulin and built ourselves a small retirement home. Now, just to pass the time I have started a web site located at and plan to use it to promote all activities and happenings on the island.

Drop by and take a look, make a comment, send in your event, post a classified ad, criticize, suggest, and just generally participate in what I hope will be YOUR web site, not just mine. I'd like to have a listing of all people and businesses on the island and links to any web sites so drop me an e-mail with your information.

In short, I'd like "OUR MANITOULIN!" to be everyone's first choice when looking for information on our great area. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!